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Capital Women’s Care Ashburn

Exceptional Care For Every Season of Your Life

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Exceptional Care For Every Season of Your Life

From adolescent safety precautions to painful periods, from your childbearing years to sexual dysfunction, we are here to guide you, advise you, and ultimately help you to enjoy a better quality of life.

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Minimally Invasive Surgery

Same Day Surgery
Less Operative Time
Minimal Blood Loss & Complications
Less Post-Operative Scarring & Pain
Faster Recovery & Return to Daily Activities

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Gynecological Care

STD Screening
Irregular & Painful Menstrual Bleeding
Contraceptive Options
Menopause Treatment
Adolescent Care

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Obstetrical Care

Prenatal Care
Postpartum Care
Labor & Delivery

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What Patients Say About Dr. Nadim Hawa

We’re proud of the way we treat our patients at Capital Women’s Care Ashburn,

  • patient

    The best ob ever. I had a large baby resulting in delivery complications and he handled the situation outstandingly. He took charge and did what needed [to be] done to ensure that both my baby and I got through it. The entire time he was calm and extremely knowledgeable. I can never express in words my extreme gratitude.

  • Heather, Frederick, MD

    Dr. Hawa is wonderful! I had complications with my pregnancy towards the end & he was very informative & knowledgeable. He, not his office staff, would call me to discuss the issues & answer any questions that I had. I would definitely recommend Dr. Hawa to anyone!

  • patient

    I know Dr. Hawa is no longer at this facility, however he was one of the most respectable persons I have ever met in that facility. Every time I had a question, he gave an answer & if he didn’t know the answer he was honest about it & would search for one. Dr.Hawa was always looking out for my best interest & the same for my unborn child. He was gentle & kind & very knowledgeable. I highly recommend Dr.Hawa. So much that I will be going to his new facility when my husband & I are prepared to have another child.

  • Heather, Frederick, MD

    Dr. Hawa performed a hysteroscopic myomectomy which helped me tremendously. When I was not a candidate for a different type of procedure, Dr. Hawa thoroughly explained other options and was very attentive to my questions. Hagerstown is very fortunate to have Dr. Hawa.

  • patient

    Very professional, great bedside manner, very informative – so much so that I never have to ask questions because he gives me all the answers I need, extremely compassionate. I highly recommend Dr. Hawa :)

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Meet Dr. Nadim Hawa


Hi, I’m Dr. Nadim Hawa and I’m here to help you live your healthiest life and get the care that you deserve. I have studied Gynecology and Obstetrics for over 12 years, and I specialize in minimally Invasive surgical procedures. A colleague of mine likes to say they’re, “not your mother’s gynecological surgery,” and he’s right. Read More

American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology
The American Congress of Obstetricians and gynecologists
AGL - elevating gynecological surgery
Dr Nadim